Quote from Barack Obama, a great communicator:

"People vote not so much based on policy, not even based on facts, they vote on stories. I became president, frankly, because I told a pretty good story about what America could be and should be."

What Obama said about political elections applies just as much to economic elections ("who chooses which product"). Every product, every service needs a story. Many of the most successful entrepreneurs are therefore either great storytellers, or they surround themselves with great storytellers.

Good storytelling is based on solid principles. We believe in the 4C’s - Care, Consistency, Creativity, Credibility - consistent and credible messages formulated with maximum care and creative courage. This creates narratives which, in the best case, become unforgettable.

Making brands unforgettable is what we do.

To this end, we have these offerings.

  • Unforgettable Brand Building, Positioning, Creating Perception
  • Unforgettable Employer Branding
  • Unforgettable Internal and Change Communication
  • Unforgettable content creation for social media, media relations
  • Unforgettable Reputation Management, Crisis Communication
  • Unforgettable C-Level Branding. Developing personal branding and thought leadership at executive level. If desired, including aspects of corporate law, personal goals and life planning in alignment with the company's business plan; discussion of exit and divestment processes; personal risk management as well as follow-on projects.

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