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Studied three degrees in his younger years (economics in Cologne, film/screenwriting in Berlin and journalism in Munich), three children, three meals a day and founded Unforgettable, naturally as a trio.

There is a common thread in his career. Communication. Whether as a journalist for Burda and Springer, as a self-employed advertiser or in the field of corporate communications (including around six years as Head of Corporate Communications at DAX company Delivery Hero incl. IPO), it has always been about storytelling.

His credo: communication works like a piano: the black keys are information, the white keys are inspiration. The interplay results in melodies. Ordinary melodies. Melodies that stay in the ear. Or unforgettable masterpieces.

Favourite quote: “Last night I dreamt that not everything is meaningless.” (Jens Friebe)


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Born, raised, and still alive.

In more detail:

As a business graduate, he built up two companies in executive search (+30 employees each) and spent 20 years of his professional life bringing people to where they like to work and succeed.

After selling his company shares, he started an XXL sabbatical in his motor home across Europe with the best equipment one could wish for: His wife and two children.

He answers e-mails, but he usually prefers short messages via Messenger. He prefers the telephone even more. In the end, however, nothing beats a personal conversation for him. You might have guessed it: he is a Rhinelander: Direct and honest, very present, sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes loud, but always with full energy for the common cause.

As an entrepreneur, he knows that you can't build great companies without great employees. He has a clear view of overall business development and strategic direction. He advises companies - gladly on a long-term basis as an advisory board - and fills key positions.

His process: listen, talk, listen, act. His recipe: standard ingredients are allowed, as long as the whole thing is seasoned with a good pinch of "magic". That's why he's with Unforgettable.

Favourite quote: "If you can't smile, don't open a shop." (Old merchant's wisdom)


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It's the combination that makes it! That's why Hans-Friedrich usually is just "Hanfried". He combines the world of science and technology with commercial experience. After studying business administration (European Business School, Oestrich-Winkel) and computer science (James Madison University, Virginia), he focused on consulting small and medium-sized enterprises at the University of St. Gallen. Since then, he has supported numerous European medium-sized and family-owned companies in their strategic and operational alignment. As the founder of a medium-sized investment company, he has extensive entrepreneurial experience and has taken on responsibility in a wide range of industries. His recipe for success: inspire people with empathy and take them along on the road to success, find a common language with the most diverse stakeholders, but at the same time make decisions based on facts and figures.

Favourite quote: "The extraordinary is the measure of all greatness."

Stefanie Seidlitz

"Stefanie has more than ten years of experience in internal and external corporate communications, financial communications and product communications for listed companies. She has worked as a press spokesperson for Sky, Telefónica Deutschland and SIXT, among others, as well as in the communications strategy department of Deutsche Telekom. Since 2021, she has been advising managers, startups and companies with strategic solution approaches for effective communication with sustainable impact. This involves comprehensible messages, target group-specific implementation and a good balance of continuity and innovation - embedded in the right context."

Dr. Natalie Jahr

"We regret to inform you that we were unable to consider your application and wish you all the best."

Ouch! Natalie makes sure that the human factor is at the center of all processes in the HR department - and thus forbids embarrassing standard formulations.

As a doctor of sociology with a background in qualitative methods and executive search, she advises companies on how to make their HR departments fit. On the one hand, to operate active sourcing autonomously and successfully and to establish contemporary talent management. On the other hand, to set up processes for an optimal candidate experience. With a combination of KPI control and individual appreciation, Natalie establishes efficient structures that turn candidates into ambassadors of a strong employer brand.

Pretty denglish, but also pretty good: Natalie makes sure that candidate touch points in HR departments not only work efficiently, but in particular that the human factor takes center stage. She sets up candidate selection to work on all sides: appeal to the right people, attract the right people, select the right people.

Away from empty phrases and standards - towards the individual drive of people and a culture of appreciation. Finally, thanks to Natalie, there's also sustainability in personnel!

Marco Kessler

Marco has been working in the management of large event locations for a good 20 years, always with a focus on PR and marketing. With his main focus (e.g. PR strategies and content creation), he now works in the Unforgettable team for companies in various industries.

His credo: Effective public relations needs sympathy and empathy. On the one hand, sympathy for the company, its employees, products and services. And this as the necessary foundation to meet all stakeholders with the empathy they deserve.

Jens Conrad