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People and PR are two of the most critical aspects for business success.
Unforgettable is your one-stop shop for comms & search - attracting customers and talent alike.

People and PR - if you are really well positioned in these two areas, you can hardly avoid corporate success. Why? Because then a wonderful cycle gets created: great communication not only magically attracts customers, but also talent and exceptional people. Great employees are not only drivers of business success, they are also important building blocks for branding and reputation and attract further talent.

And who builds this wheel of fortune for me?

In fact, there is probably only one address in Germany offering Comms & Search from a single source. Calls for an 'encore'? We have a few unforgettable additions to increase the longevity of companies to complement our offer.


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  • Forget Uniformity


    We put same-same on trial and help companies and founders find their own sound. Authentic, credible, different.

  • Forget Buzzword-Bingo

    Welcome Credibility

    Clear goals need clear language. Hollow phrases and hot air - not with us. Anyone saying "impact and purpose" three times has to buy the next round!
    Strong positioning shows itself above all through credible, authentic communication. Taking the zeitgeist into account - yes. Chasing after the zeitgeist - no.

  • Forget Egotism

    Welcome Social

    We believe in working together, not against each other. We have great respect for social entrepreneurship and support initiatives that benefit society and improve social injustice (We support Ashoka!). Do you run such a company? Contact us!

  • Bye-bye grumpiness

    High Five for High Energy

    We can do everything but boring. We are neither opportunistic yeasayers nor chronic know-it-alls - we can disagree, but appreciate the other perspective. With us, you will meet the rare species of reflective full-throttle types who get things done with heart and soul.

  • Forget XXL Agencies

    Welcome Business Buddies

    Many bright minds work in large agencies, but the structures often prevent fast, effective action and encourage sluggishness. We are terrified of the old-school consultant image with tie, stop-watch and a horrendous fee. That’s not us. We are entrepreneurs and think like entrepreneurs. We help our clients as we would help our friends.

  • Forget elbows

    Join the Ecosystem

    Those who see the business world as an arena of competing individual fighters fail to recognise the dramatic shifts brought about by digitalisation. Cross-company cooperation is more necessary than ever to offer customers the range of services they need.
    With this understanding, we cooperate with specialists who complement our offering in a meaningful way:

    - Owlton Capital: As an actively trading investor, Owlton combines the best of private equity and venture capital. In addition to capital, Owlton provides its portfolio companies with its deep expertise in digitalisation and transformation.

    - Thr3 Winters is a network of over 30 independent partners in four countries and five locations in Germany. Not only companies and organisations are advised here, but also managers, artists and scientists. In short, there are proven experts for almost all sectors and their specific challenges.

    Unic Medical Search: Germany's first address when looking for management personnel in the healthcare sector. With our combined expertise, we support the healthcare sector in job placements and public relations. For example, together with Unic we offer workshops and further training in crisis management and crisis communication for hospitals.

    - CNX Transaction Partners is an international M&A boutique for entrepreneurs in the technology and innovation sector. We achieve the best sales result for our clients through optimal preparation and excellent sales process.


Six faces, six people with talents that add up to make Unforgettable what it is: simply unique.